The Natural Curiosities Of Cuba

A must see in Cuba are the beautiful beaches that surround the island with a magnificent turquoise water. One of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba is in Cayo Largo which lies to the south of the island.

A silver sand beach, lined with seashells and coral reefs. Apart from the beaches of Cuba mystical there are also other natural attractions such as chorro de Maita, the region of Pinar del Rio, the remains and the cigar manufacturing.

The archaeological site of chorro Maita

The place is a former residence of the Cuban India. They were found in the 20s, one of the largest mass graves in the Caribbean. Today there is a museum that has exposed some of the skeletons, there is also a reconstruction of houses, installations and sculptures that depict the life of aboriginal time.

Why You Should Visit Cuba’s Sancti Spiritus

Sancti Spiritus is a natural stopping point for anyone traveling between Havana and the eastern part of Cuba. It is one of the seven provinces founded by the Spaniards in 1514, and the only one with a Latin name.

Characterized by narrow streets and colonial architecture, this city has hundreds of well preserved buildings. Its near 100, 000 occupants love blending legend with reality.

Popular Sancti Spiritus attractions

It does not take you more than a morning or an afternoon to check out what Sancti Spiritus has to offer. This old city is very unassuming, making it the perfect destination for an easy stroll. Here are some of the major attractions that you are likely to see when touring this city.

A Christmas Under The Sun With VarVacations

What is your program for the holidays? If you want to travel to Cuba, now is the perfect time because the weather is warm and the air is dry. You will avoid many rain and humidity which is very present in the spring and summer.

The outdoor activities

In Cuba, there are several resorts that are located less than two hours from the city where you can enjoy local festivities during the holiday season. Regarding traditional activities, there is the scuba diving and snorkeling. The island of Cuba is also full of beautiful coral reefs.

Varadero, What Cannot Be Missed In This Beautiful Vacation Destination

Varadero has become one of the most visited places for tourist all over the world. Varadero has some of the best beaches and it is full of service which will allow the tourist to have the kind of holidays of which they have always dreamed.

There are lots of things to visit in Varadero, but there are five sites that are completely unavoidable for any tourists wanting to see the beauty of the island.

Varadero Beach: One of the Most Impressive Things in Varadero

Varadero Beach is a coastline of approximately 13 miles, where tourists are able to enjoy days of relaxing in its clear blue water and on silky sand. The white of the sand is going to make tourists feel more relaxed and the clear waters are going to allow them to see the rich underwater life that is present at Varadero Beach.

The Potential Of Doing Business In Cuba

Despite its reputation, Cuba offers many opportunities for people, foreigners and nationals, who want to do business in the country.

From tourism to commercial enterprises, startup companies to large-scale mining enterprises, Cuba is prepping itself to become one of the best options when it comes to international business ventures. Here are some reasons why it is becoming a good idea to do business in Cuba, and how you can get started.

Reasons to Do Business in Cuba

Cuba is making things easier for investors by enacting the Cuban Foreign Investment Law that allows 100% foreign ownership of enterprises that are started or conducted in Cuba. This makes the country a prime option for foreign investors from different business sectors.

Tourism is also booming in Cuba, and although US tourists may be required to jump through a few more hoops compared to other tourists of different nationalities, the industry is more than just holding its own, especially with visitors from Canada and Europe.

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