A Quick Guide To Naturist Beaches In Cuba

Cuba is a paradise for beach lovers, particularly for those who are looking for an island getaway where they can enjoy the blissful combination of powder soft beaches, turquoise waters and warm sun in their birthday suit.

Beach in Varadero Cuba

Though it is more of an exception rather than a rule to find a nudist or clothing-optional beach in Cuba, semi-nude sun bathing or topless bathing is still tolerated in a few of the beaches in this Caribbean Island. Out of the 289 beaches lining the coastline of this country, only two beaches allow naturism.

Thus, if you and your partner follow the naturist philosophy and want to explore the coastal beauty of Cuba by vacationing in a clothes-free beach, you should pack your bags for either Cayo Largo beach located on the east side or the UNESCO reserve of Cayo Santa Maria situated in the north east corner of the island.

While these beaches do tolerate nudity, you will seldom find any local men or women in these beaches and most of the people unwinding here are either European or American. Another Cuban beach that allows topless bathing is Vardero. However, it does not allow complete nudity.

Even in Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria the privilege of naturism is extended only in the beaches and not in the hotel or resort premises. You should keep this in mind when holidaying in these beaches.

Additionally, it is extremely important that you maintain respectful behaviour towards other nudists present on the beach to avoid causing any discomfort. One of the main reasons for these island getaways serving as a perfect naturist holiday destination in Cuba is their virgin location. To add to it, their safe and peaceful setting allows tourists the freedom to follow their nudist philosophy without any inhibition.

In fact, the nudist or clothing-optional beaches of Cuba are a perfect choice for your first naturist vacation as the vast stretch of these beaches offers the necessary seclusion for getting intimate with your partner as well as for feeling comfortable with the idea of social nudity. The history of tolerance towards naturism in Cayo Largo and Cayo Santa Maria make them a safe tourism haven for naturists who are not judged by non-naturists in any way.

Therefore, if you are a nudist by philosophy or simply want a unique vacation experience, this is the place to come to if you want to feel comfortable in your skin.

While these beaches make a perfect holiday destination for couples, and honeymooners, they may not be as suitable for family vacationers who have kids and do not subscribe to the naturist philosophy. However, they can still holiday in this exotic Caribbean island and simply stay away from the clothing-free beaches to enjoy a memorable vacation.

As already mentioned, naturism is strictly restricted to the beaches that have been designated as clothing-optional and not allowed on the hotel grounds or in the resort premises. Therefore, family vacationers do not have to worry about running into other hotel guests in the buff while staying at a hotel in Cayo Largo or Cayo Santa Maria.