The Very Best Snorkeling Destinations In Cuba

Snorkeling In Cuba

Cuba is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the Caribbean. Thanks to its tropical climate and the clear Atlantic Ocean waters, most people visit this island for its snorkeling and scuba diving spots among other attractions.

The ideal time to visit this island is during the dry season, usually between November and April.

Preparing for snorkeling in Cuba

It is essential to ensure that your vacation will be fun and safe before embarking on it. As such, you need to equip yourself with the relevant skills and resources in order to have a successful and memorable snorkeling and scuba diving in the coral reefs of Cuba.

First off, you need to be sure that you are a good swimmer. Thus, you need to take swimming lessons if you do not know how to swim. Check with the local stores for snorkeling equipment and learn how to wear your mask, snorkel and fins.

Once you have checked in at your hotel, ask for recommendations for experienced and scuba diving professionals. Be sure to check through the guides in order to find one who suits your personal needs.

Remember to arrive for your orientation. This will be your chance to learn about the water conditions, safety information and everything you can expect to see during your snorkeling and scuba diving ventures. In addition, this is also the time to test if your diving equipment is fitting properly. Once you have worn your equipment, your instructor will demonstrate how to dive into the water safely with your fins.

Main attraction areas for snorkeling in Cuba

Thanks to Cuba’s warm annual temperature that is above 73 degrees Fahrenheit, its waters are ideal not only for surface snorkeling but also for challenge oriented scuba diving. Here are some of the famous destinations that you should consider while visiting Cuba.

1. Maria la Garda Guanacahabibes peninsula

This biosphere reserve is situated in the western end of the island. Being one of the most remote and preserved spots in the in the Caribbean islands, making an effort to visit this spot will no doubt reward you with pristine snorkeling.

According to experts, the sea bed at Maria la Garda is one of the most elevated spots in the islands, thus making it rich in marine life and a wide range of corals.

2. Playa Giron

This is one of the most popular snorkeling destinations for amateur and expert divers. It is located about two hours ride from Varadero and offers memorable shelf diving as well as deep cave excursions. Better still, all the diving spots are very close to the shore, making Playa Giron the ideal destination for novice snorkelers.

3. Zapata Peninsula

Also referred to as the Bay of Pigs, the coral reefs at this peninsula gently hugs the shore so closely that you will have the privilege of encountering hundreds of fish and coral species by diving just a few meters off the shore. This is another great destination spot if you are an amateur diver.

4. Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo la Brujas

These are among the best diving spots in the Caribbean islands. Here, you will find about 20 miles of nothing but beautiful coral gardens, hundreds of colorful coral fish species, dolphins and turtles. With their shallow shores and crystalline waters, you will certainly have a memorable snorkeling and scuba diving ventures.

You will be treated to a flourishing underwater water world with a wide range of sea flora and fauna, amazing coral forests and an impressive sea bed.

Snorkeling in the warm Cuban waters can be very memorable and fulfilling for the whole family. With over 500 sites to visit in this Caribbean island and the spectacular underwater scenery, you can be sure of an exceptional treat while having your vacation in the island.

All you have to do is prepare yourself and acquire the right equipment for your vacation and then simply enjoy!