Top 4 Festivals in Cuba

Top 4 Festivals in Cuba

The Republic of Cuba in the Caribbean is not only known for its wonderful tourist attractions, but also for its numerous fascinating festivals and events. Cuba’s festivals are full of happiness, exotic foods, and joyful music for maximum entertainment and happiness.

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Some of the Best Festivals in Cuba include:

1. The International Havana Jazz Festival

The International Havana Jazz Festival is usually held in the month of February every year. It is one of the most interesting festivals liked by both the natives of Cuba and visitors.

It was started in the year 1978 as a local form of entertainment at the Casa de la Cultura. The festival comprises of both Cuban and international Jazz. Cuban Jazz stars such as Chucho Valdes, Eman Lopez, Bobby Carcasses, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba together with international jazz stars such as Steve Coleman, Ronnie Scott, and Dizzie Gillespie usually come together to thrill the audience.

2. The Pepe Trova Festival

This festival was founded in the memory of Jose Pepe Sanchez who was a well-known composer in Cuba. This festival is usually held in Sala de Concierto Dolores and the Casa de la Trova every year.

Different creative and lively musicians from different parts of of the world come together to showcase their skills to the delighted audience. The music is also accompanied by food and other cultural activities.

3. The Low-Budget Film Festival

This festival is usually held Gibara town every year. It acts as a platform for awarding documentary, reality, and fiction films. The festival also offers extraordinary art exhibitions, recitals, and concerts.

The main aim of this festival is to encourage and empower creative artistes in Cuba.

4. Havana International Guitar Festival

The Havana International Guitar Festival was founded in 1982 by Leo Brouwer, one of the most famous guitarists in Cuba. It is usually held in May.

The festival brings together guitarists from Cuba and other parts of the world who come to compete among themselves while providing entertainment to the audience.