Isla De La Juventud

Isla de la Juventud, or isle of youth, is located south of Cuba. It is not a province but rather a special township. There is so much to see & do on that island—its most touristic city is Cayo Largo.

You want to do something different? Cayo Largo is the perfect place to go watch sea turtles.

These turtles lay millions of eggs on the beaches every year. Between the months of April and September, it is the spawning season for them.

So if you are lucky and patient, you will probably get the chance to go see these turtles lay their eggs on the beach at night—with a monitor that is specialized in collecting these eggs of course.

If not, for only a couple of pesos, you can go visit the farm where they bring the turtle’s eggs after they collect them.

They keep them at that farm until those baby turtles are ready to go back in the ocean. You can also help the monitors put them back in their naturel habitat. It’s an absolutely beautiful experience!