Located in the province of Mantazas, Varadero is definitely the most visited city by the tourists year after year. It is located on a gorgeous white sand beach of 20 km where there is no lack of hotels.

Since you will be close to everything, all excursions are at low costs. If you desire to head downtown of Varadero, you can either go by bus or with a taxi. Once you’re downtown, you can stop by the flea market to buy some nice souvenirs and then walk toward the multiple cuban restaurants to grab a bite.

You will also have lots of excursions to choose from in Varadero. One of the most popular excursions is to go swim with the dolphins. It is a family experience you don’t want to miss. There is two different excursions possible to go swim the dolphins. The first one, a bus picks you up at your hotel to bring you at the dolphin’s pool where you can go swim with them at first then you sit to watch the dolhin’s show filled with amazing tricks. The second one, you leave on a catamaran for most of the day to go wim with the dolphins.

Golf is also a popular attraction in Varadero. It is indeed the best place in Cuba for golfing. So for golf lovers, you will be able to take a vacation package including golfing for a week.

Choices of excursions in Varadero is pretty large. Jeep ride, snorkeling, and a numerous of shows are playing for tourists every day. And why not stop at the Las Americas for dinner while you are there. They serve the best beef of the country. You can ask for more details at the hotel reception when you arrive.

Having a great vacation with your friends, family, and loved ones is truly a remarkable experience as this lets you relax and be temporarily relieved from the stress in the workplace. If you want to have a unique getaway, you should start looking for and booking cheap holidays to Cuba. This country is a host to so many attractive tourist attractions and really exciting activities. Mantazas is, in fact, one of the best destinations you may wish to visit when you come to Cuba.