Pinar Del Rio

The Pinar del Rio province is located at the far west of the country close to the most beautiful mountains of Cuba and its most touristic city is of the same name—Pinar del Rio.

Your Cuba holidays with family and friends will surely be a one of a kind vacation should you choose to spend it in charming Pinar del Rio. If you love gazing at breathtaking scenery with the lush mountains of the region serving as the backdrop of a postcard perfect image of Pinar del Rio then you’ll no doubt love this scenic location. Beautiful mountains, blessed with endemic rich plant and animal life, make Pinar del Rio an ideal holiday destination in Cuba.

Speaking of mountains, you will definitely want to take some time off and take a walk in nature. Pinar Del Rio has particularly beautiful and interesting wildlife and flora. Make absolutely sure to bring your camera!

In Pinar del Rio you will find tobacco plantations and it is where most Cuban cigars are hand-made. You may even visit a cigar factory. Coffee plantations also attract a lot of tourists and coffee lovers since it’s been an integral part of the Cuban culture for centuries. You will surely enjoy a delicious (and most likely strong) coffee.

In Cuba, tradition wants you to have coffee early in the morning as well as after each meal. If you even just remotely like coffee you will love a good cup of joe, an espresso or a cappuccino, Cubans excel in the art of making those.